To achieve great things in our life we first need to realise our potential and our self worth. If we can know that then it’s really easy from there. And the best way to understand these things is by knowing yourself first.

So what is meant by knowing yourself ?

It’s simply just understanding ourselves and having our own personal awareness. By that I mean knowing your potential, your limitations, your wisdom, your strength and your weaknesses. We can easily identity and measure each of these parameters because these are our own and nobody can judge us better than ourselves.

Thus by understanding and realising these things, we have a very far insight than we actually think we have. This far I sight will help us to be prepare in advance and thus establish a positive impact on our life at a later stage.

So each of us must try to realise all these things and be prepared to know ourselves first. As Aristotle told “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”.

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