Life can sometimes hit you so hard than you can ever hardly imagine. It may shatter you and break you into a million of pieces. There is absolutely no way to turn things around at that unfortunate moment and you are completely helpless, unable to rise up and soar high.

Difficulties are an integral part of our lives and I can surely bet that there hasn’t been anyone out there who haven’t gone through anything wonderful without facing any difficulties in their journey. Such is it’s importance and important things must always be embraced warmly.

I know that it’s not fair. When we work so hard for something that we strongly believe in something happens all of a sudden and prevents us from attaining it. It feels like we have been cursed from getting what we want.

But the reality is that it’s just a test. A simple one to check our endurance. To make us believe how much we can take and keep going no matter what. To make us stronger, firmer and help us realise that we are capable of doing great things in life, even when sometimes life gives us small setbacks in the form of tiny difficulties, rejections and obstructions.

So as I said, no storm lasts forever. Because it can’t rain for 365 days consecutively. It has to eventually pass for the sun to rise in the sky to shine brightly.

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