Happiness is a choice. If you want it, you must clear your mindset and be prepared to accept it. You will have to look beyond the negative things happening in your life and think that it just happened for you to grow stronger. Or you can be sad about it and ruin the rest of your life thinking how unfortunate you were.

Being unhappy is not a permanent solution. You have to step beyond it, boldly, and walk forward confidently so can nothing can deter you from the path to greatness.

So what gives you happiness. The first thing you need is ‘peace’. Calm your mind and clear away the bad thoughts. Fill it with positivity and make your mind stronger.

The next is ‘confidence’. You need to be confident and be firm about it. Make yourself believe that no matter how unfortunate your life is going to be in the future, nothing can upset you. You got to have that, and nothing’s gonna affect you in the future, trust me.

The next is ‘positive thinking’. I hope you are all familiar with the term.

So there you go :-

Happiness equals

Peace + Confidence + Positivity

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