To become the best at anything you do takes a lot of time and commitment. It requires patience, hard work and dedication. If you have looked closely at any successful people, you will realise the fact that the success they achieved were the result of the continuous effort and constant persistence. They always kept on trying and were engaged constantly in one activity to other.

To be successful at any activity, there is only way to master it – and that is through ‘CONTINUOUS INVOLVEMENT’. Try to engage at a particular craft every single day and spend a lot of time working on it. Keep on doing it. It may take days or weeks or months sometimes, to get perfect at it . Maybe even a year or two, who knows. But as you try each day there will be constant improvement and you are close to perfection after every single day.You are not too late to start anything, trust me.

So if you have an ambition within you, just get it started and keep on doing. Work for it daily. Enjoy the process and reward yourself everyday before you go to bed. Involve yourself and there will be success.

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22 thoughts on “INVOLVE TO EVOLVE

  1. Discipline and perseverance are important but I personally think that a willingness to take risks is also critical. We can be so afraid of making mistakes that we inhibit ourselves. Being willing to experiment and take risks with both my visual art and my writing– whether the risks were successful or not- led to discovery, increased confidence and mastery.

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  2. Thank you Abhijith. Indeed regular, persistent action in life towards whatever we desire, yearn to lean or wish to become etc, is always going to produce results. Step by step by step, for sure it will always lead to somewhere, often with a sprinkle of redirection or 2 along the way as a better option or previously unseen advancement comes along. What is a desire or dream without solid action in the direction of it? A missed opportunity! πŸ˜‰

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